Kingdom Fightwear was founded with the desire to produce high
quality martial arts supplies. Looking to make a positive impact in the
martial arts community and beyond.
My Story
Born and raised in Toronto, I felt a deep desire to start in martial arts.
For as long as I can remember, I was always fascinated with martial arts.
I wanted to become like the martial arts greats of my time - Chuck
Norris, Jackie Chan, and Jean Claude Van Damme. I was also passionate
about number of seemingly unconnected things: reading, music, sports,
personal finance, business, creativity, spirituality, fitness and
philanthropy, to name a few.
Having watched several martial arts movies of my time, I knew that I
wanted to study martial arts but just never had the financial means as a
child to make that desire a reality. Once I started working, I spent
number of years in various sports like ice hockey, volleyball, rock
climbing, soccer and running. I decided in 2006 to walk into a martial arts
school and start on my path to fulfill my childhood desire to be a martial
artist. The dojo, I attended was not your traditional karate school. This
particular school gave me the opportunity to develop as a martial artist
in various styles such as Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Filipino Martial
Arts, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). I was very hungry for more martial
arts knowledge and enjoyed any chance to be on the mats. That desire has allowed me to achieve my brown belt (2019) under Jean-Jacques Machado and my school instructor Kyoshi Vito Brancaccio along with achieving
my black belt in Shotokan Karate (2016).

My Journey to my Karate Black belt
My road to my black belt seemed like it was going well, but little did I
know my journey to black belt would be mired with a severe injury.
Four weeks before my black belt grading during a sparring session, I
tore my ACL and lateral meniscus.
I thought my dreams in achieving my
karate black belt were ruined. In sheer disappointment, my own
negative thoughts told me to quit karate and the martial arts
completely. As well medical advice from two separate sports doctors,
told me to completely stop all activity to avoid further injury. While the
doctors meant well, I had to search within myself and regroup and
decide whether the ten years of dedication and countless hours on the
mats would come to an end. This was the ultimate test where I had to
draw on my faith in God and my own desire not to give up. After some
serious reflection and soul searching, I decided to continue my journey
through to my black belt training camp. I decided to draw on my faith, my training and the indomitable spirit that I always had. I come to realize it much easier to conquer this mountain step by step and build my confidence back. Did the doubting voices disappear? No, but I had I decided to change my focus from the storms of doubt and fear. I carefully listened to my own body and focused on my passion and continued to stoke my will to never to give up. Last but not least,  Kyoshi Vito Brancaccio provided the words of wisdom with the right amount of tough love (on the mats) and fatherly encouragement (off the mats) to help keep me on track. My instructor wrapped my leg with a $5 tensor and I resumed the running requirements of 3 km and all the other facets of my karate black belt boot camp.

I had successfully made it through training camp, which was a serious
accomplishment on it’s own. Then came the day of the grading, seven
hours of constant pressure from running a total of twelve kms, one
thousand stride jumps, five hundred push ups and sits up, karate basics,
Jiu jitsu, sparring five different black belts etc… I emerged victorious
achieving my Shotokan Black belt.  But also recieved the Student of the Year Award at my dojo. But I remember the sense of
accomplishment that I felt that day and relief that I pulled through
despite the challenge. If you believe in your dream deep enough and are
willing to pursue it, you can accomplish anything.  I learned that day nothing is impossible, if your willing step out of the boat of fear and doubts, whatever the mind conceives and believes, the body will achieve.

It is this same passion, that I bring to Kingdom Fightwear, looking to
make an impact in the martial arts community and beyond.
After several years within the financial industry, trying to fit the mold of
what was expected of me, I never really felt like I was following my
passion. I finally decided to walk away from my corporate identity and
to start out on my own where I initially started out trying to start create
high quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi’s. I just felt it was time for me to take
my business knowledge and passion for the martial arts and start a
martial arts supply company.

My passion continues to drive me toward excellence and is what has
driven me in developing high quality products for the martial arts